Dicking Around – Cousteau Style

Earlier this year I went to a film night called Assembly Cinema. They have a regular night where they play old 8mm home movies but with the original soundtrack removed and a live soundtrack provided by different musicians. It was pretty awesome. This was the line-up of films:

All the films were ocean themed – so of course they showed a ton of Cousteau films which I was pretty happy about. The best thing about Cousteau films is the amount of stupid shit they get up to – In a way that I feel wouldn’t be at all appropriate in nature shows nowadays. Take the film “En Scooter Sous La Mer” which I’ve managed to find a good chunk of here:

It’s worth watching the whole thing, but if your time is short then skip to about three minutes in, where he lets go of the scooter (which crashes into some coral) and then GRABS THE BACK OF A TURTLE and starts riding it around. The turtle looks absolutely terrified. Another highlight for me is at 3:26 when the turtle gets to the surface and lets out the kind of terrific cough you’d usually associate an old man who’s been smoking 40-a-day his entire life.

I mean, I loved Blue Planet an’ all, but I think it could have perhaps done with a little dash of Cousteau’s maverick attitude.

I’d recommend turning the volume off on the Cousteau vid and watching it while listening to the Sparks song “Dick Around” (from the album “Hello Young Lovers”). It’s an incredible symbiosis.

If you don’t own it you can listen to it here:


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