The Female Creatures: A gift from Taipei

Here are some excerpts from a gift sent to me by one of my best buddies and Taiwanese resident Dicky Chalmers… A book of photographs by Yao Nai-Ching called “The Female Creatures – The Most Charming”, in which Yao presents his photographic study of the female. As much as the photos themselves grab you, it’s Yao’s (some might say off-piste) title work that really gives this book it’s cutting edge.

Take for example this image titled “Oh! how dirty but lovely shoes!”. One can only assume that he’s using the term “dirty” in the way popularised by Christina Aguileira’s smash-hit song “Dirty” and the pornographic movie blockbuster, ‘Dirty Dancing”. Yao carefully balances the word dirty with the word “lovely” to reveal that despite wearing what he takes to be massively slutty shoes, inside this girl has a heart of gold and probably calls her mum every day.

In the following photo titled “What made your hair to be turning up, Angry?”, Yao skillfully uses a sarcastic question to add a level of humour to the image. I mean, c’mon, what else but raw anger could make her hair like that?! Yao knows we can see she’s absolutely bloody furious!

I’d assumed that all photos would follow the whole”Charming Female” theme set out in the book’s title, but never one to let us rest on our laurels, Yao occasionally throws the reader a curve ball by showing us something like this photo of a man and some fish. Yao uses the philosophical title “I tried to ask the fish a question but got no answer” to cleverly mask a much bigger question, namely “Why is that guy in corduroy even asking some dead fish a question? He must be some kind of idiot”. Yao is totally cussing the corduroy guy. Yao – One : Guy in Corduroy – Zero. Boooyaaaa.

In this last photo titled “A special introduction to the girl herself” Yao has photographed a girl who decided to shake things up a bit after she got bored of traditional customs such as shaking hands when meeting someone for the first time. Yao’s phraseology has since been adopted by groups of drunken English men who sometimes call out to women using chants such as “Get your special introduction out for the lads”.


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