The Smoken Word

A few pics I shot for the London Word Festival “Books Vs. Cigarettes” event (that mainly featured men with beards and/or glasses):

Richard Sandling:

Richard Sandling

Matthew Crosby:

Matthew Crosby

Ben Moor:

Ben Moor

Robin Ince:

Robin Ince


The rest of the pics will appear on the London Word Festival website shortly…

I was also given this badge by Ben Moor. I never saw the show it was from but 10/10 for a great title and an ace badge. I like to imagine that his life has been haunted by these badges after some kind of adrenaline-fueled pre-Edinburgh promotional material ordering frenzy. (In the same way that somewhere in my parents attic there are 4000 stickers with my nipple on them from my first Edinburgh show ten years ago).

Here’s the badge:

Not Everything is Significant

I’ll try and find one of those stickers with my nipple on it.


One Response to “The Smoken Word”

  1. Those are awesome photos Nick – plus, you’re totally correct about the badge – you wouldn’t fancy another 700 would you?
    (emoticon of semi-colon and close brackets resembling a winking eye representing a joke has been intended.)

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