Some neighbourly advice:

To coincide with the release of the Goldspot Ina Mina Dika video this coming Thursday, I thought I’d post this note that came through the door of the house that I used to live in. We’d never quite seen eye to eye with our neighbour but I enjoyed always enjoyed being yelled at by her, if only because she kept me in vogue with the latest cutting-edge insults (She once called me a “lesbian homosexual c*nt”). Now and again we’d receive some choice correspondence from her, written on the back of a cereal packet or an odd scrap of paper. This one came through the letterbox shortly after Sid Khosla from Goldspot came to stay and we started having regular night-time jam sessions around my kitchen table. The note is simple and direct, though I’ve never been sure if it was a noise complaint or a piece of honest, no-nonsense career advice:

(click on it to make it biggggger)


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