An Edinburgh Fringe Highlight

Apart from deep-fried food and alcohol the only thing I bought in Edinburgh this year was this toy car. Just after I bought it, I wrote down the conversation I had with the seven-year-old vendor who I met in the street across from the Pleasance:

Boy: Would you like to buy a toy?

Me: Why are you selling your toys?

Boy: For charity.

Me: What charity?

Boy: It’s called “Pet”.

Me: What do they do?

Boy: They look after worried pets and take care of them.

Me: Worried pets?

Boy: Yeah, pets that are worried because they don’t have homes.

Me: That sounds like a good cause. How much are the cars?

Boy: The big ones are a pound and the small ones are 50p.

Me: I think I’ll choose a smaller one as I don’t want to carry a big one around all day.

Boy: Where are you going?

Me: I’m just walking around.

Boy: I think you could carry a big one. You could put it in your bag.

Me: Don’t get me wrong, I like the bigger cars but I really don’t want to have to carry it. Maybe I’ll take this small one, it’s a Beetle. I always wanted a Beetle.

Boy: Buy a big one.

Me: No.

Boy: I’ll do you a deal, if you buy that small one for 50p, I’ll give you a big one for free.

Me: You’re a terrible businessman.

Boy: Why?

Me:  Well, If I wanted a bigger car for half the price, all I’d have to do is buy a smaller one for 50p. You won’t make any money.

Boy: It’s fine, I have two big cars, so I don’t mind giving you one for free.

Me: But I don’t want to carry a big car.

Boy: It’s a good deal. This one’s a digger.

Me: Where’s the seat?

Boy: It fell off.

Me: I don’t want the digger. It’s too big. I want the Beetle.

Boy: I think you should buy this big white one. I’ll give it to you for 50p.

Me: Here’s a pound.

Boy: I don’t have any change.

Me: That’s fine, you can keep it. Out of interest, how much is Guess Who?

Boy: It’s a pound.

Me: That’s cheap. You should charge more.

Boy: The box is empty.

Me: Well that’s a fair price then.

Boy: Do you want it?

Me: No.


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